Past Games

“This universe ain’t big enough for the both of us” A two-player western duel in space. Rebuild your weapon quickly, aim and fire!
Bir adamın prenses için girdiği zorlukların sonuçsuz kalmasından dolayı hayatında çektiği acılar ve bu acıların beraberinde getirdiği bir bilinmezlik içinde olması ve sürekli kendisine ben ne yapıyoru
There is one secret door in the room and you have to find it to be free.
Our game is about the character and his mother.They live at countryside.Mother has heart-attacks and one day it gets serious.They decide to go to hospital but hospital is far and weather is snowy,so they cant use vehicles.Character needs to carry his mother himself. On the path to hospital,they need to solve puzzles to continue. Character feels his mothers heartbeats from everywhere. You must check mother's heart beats and give her pills to survive,while trying to solve the puzzle.