Past Games

Transmitting coded messages from tower to tower, using a VR headset, no visual feedback and a spatialized audio stream. Experimental project, the gameplay loop is not complete, but the core experienc
Tell him about your retreat desired environment. Tell him about your favorite mystic mood. Tell him what you'd love to watch. He's your very personnal Guru.
Between real and virtual! An experience in virtual reality with a candle to escape the darkness
This Exotic Game, is made for one or two player. You're playing a jeep with a watercanon on the roof.
Ride accross a field of cylinders. Don't stay too long on a cylinder, or he will switch off. Only switched on cylinders will help you to reach the top. Once at the top, you'll have to run down for your life before the final extinction. Mouse button to jump on cylinder, "r" to restart level.