Past Games

You should repare the path and save Googoo but also need to take care of yourself to not die in the process
This game is about the story of a detective trying to find eggs of a dinosaur for her.
Each action in life has a result.
This game is a multiplayer co op and competitive game. players are divided into groups of two and each team members should go toward each other and come close, then they should start beating and create a sphere together and one of them should teake the responsibility of bringing it to their own base. while making the sphere they should not allow others to destroy it. the server operator can end the game whenever he/she wishes too. Like the real world, it's unexpected, you should be together and co operate and take responsibility and self sacrifice to succeed. We did not finish it in jam so will do in next few weeks and it can be downloaded from
Everyone thinks he/she is awesome. problems are others and he is great. most people approach others in life like they are in war with each other. we could not change this, but we simulated it. everyone which joins the battle in this game see others as deamons but himself as a good creature. He'll pass one day but with the next person scenario will start again. same stuff and same wars and same thoughts. history is an infinite loop and advancement of human beings if existed we were not in this situation today.