Artur Kurkowski

Past Games

The magnificient machine from soviet era - the ekranoplan - appeared from nowhere in the middle of Caspian sea.
Your Ship has crashed! Actually, all ships have crashed!!! Only one will survive! Collect scrap to ***REPAIR*** your ship, and your life, and all life!!!
Find a way to save your home!
Our Organisation Crew on Hacker Space Trójmiasto Global Game Jam 2017 found a little time to create simple, but still very immersive and magical VR game. In this VIVE game: go back to your very o
How to play: Bring villagers to the praying spots or sacrifice them on the altar to please the gods. Only sacrifices from virgins will be accepted.
Escaping from ship drifting in space, full of difficult choices. Are you ready to face consequences of your decisions?
A character evolves and collects life events by crossing a level from birth to death. The events generate an unique background representing the game experience of the player: the picture of life.