Artur Assunção Pinheiro

Past Games

"It's the only thing that slowly stops the ache..."
Word Rush is a multiplayer word search game where you rush against another player in order to find out who can find the highest amount of words within a given time. Level progression includes chall
Um lenhador desempregado acaba trabalhando como entregador.
Repare a sua reputação como melhor robô lutador ao vencer seu adversário no ritmo do batidão. -- Repair your reputation as the best fighting robot by beating your opponent in the rhythm.
Help Sidney to go back home and avoid the sewer attacks!
Augmented Reality party game for up to four players where the last ghost standing wins. Transmit your kinectic energy to the other players to knock them oout of the arena.
An artificial intelligence gained conscience and laser eyes so it became a threat to mankind.
This game is fully played using a DIY method for holograms generation. Real objects are used to give a more realistic perspective of the game by giving depth clues, occlusion and collision.