Past Games

A co-op game for 2 players with 2 gamepads Xbox controller : - Left / right trigger = move - A button = break pair / call friend Our friendly megacorporation found an incomplete DNA sample of
"Abri" is an exploration game about expanding your world
For 2 players In Heliopolis: Cities in the Sky, there are two floating islands separated by a border. - The red island needs red resources to be powered and produce blue waste. - The blue island
For 2 players with 2 gamepads or keyboard + gamepad => Xbox controller: use stick + button A => Keyboard: use arrows + space After years of training in the East... In the Home Appliance
Every morning, King Penguin awakens and brings joy to all the people of the kingdom. After the "levée" cermenony, the King, also spiritual guide of the people, has to wander through the c
For 2 Players Two hamsters have been locked into a cage by a twisted mind. Facing multiple traps, what will you do now? Help each other or run for your life?