Past Games

A 2.5D arcade platformer where you need to make people join the Global Game Jam by throwing things to them like Pizza, Beer and Coffee!
A competitive fighting game where each player tries to throw his/her foe out of the arena to sacrifice them to the Aztec's gods!
A game of love... or is it?
Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it's a free country, damn it! Now, you can help a group of new characters get to the other side!
I ♥ Attack takes place in a post-apocalyptic medical laboratory, where the player must develop a vaccine to a deadly virus that's about to wipe mankind. The game is an "immune system simulator", featuring a tower defense gameplay, where the player controls the different immune cells of the body - White Blood Cells are the 'attacker' type units, Red Blood Cells are the repair units and Garbage Collecting Cells are incharge of clearing out the battle-fields, or a virus might re-emerge. How to play: Click and hold one of the circles (top right) to start collecting friendly units (Cleaners/Healers/Defenders). Click on a body part to release. Once a cut has been opened inside a body part, viruses will begin attacking that body part, send in defenders to kill them, healers to heal the body part & cut and finally cleaners to gain DNA for improvements. Mouse scroller - Zoom in/out. Space - 1st person view of one of your friendly units. B - End the game.
an exploring-survival puzzle in which you need to manage your time between operation of several small machines. The more working machines you have, the slower your blood drains. Run out of blood and die! Play it online: (best experienced with headphones)
2-4 players are placed in big circle at even distance. their goal is to chase the player infront of them while escaping the player behind them \ various itemss and actions make this chase an endless fun
A germophobe's worst nightmare. \ \ Build a germ colony and advance in evolution. Be the best germ in the world!... Or at least in this pool of dirty water.
A top view survival shooter between several manic-robotic-insects. \ Along the shooting and running, player collects improved features, each one collected dumping the oldest existing one. \ One must find a good balance of features in order to survive longest.
Miss bloody is locked in a lab with horrific atrocities. Her only weapon against them is her own body and blood.