Past Games

Arrow keys to move, J key to jump, explore the apartment complex to find the lost puppies.
Race your Sail boat while repairing it from the perils of the open sea! Play as a crew of two (single player switches between the two, two players can each play their part) As the Mainsheet Trimmer
Survival for the fittest is a 2D platforming game where you have to collect resources to build your home and survive trough multiple disasters.
Want to find love, but too awkward to get a REAL date? RobotNix has you covered. Our Robotic Romance Practice Partners are the best in the business.
A game about the cycle of life and moving on.
Imaginations align in Tandem, a split-screen co-op game that pits two players in the imagined worlds of two children.
Four player battle for control of resources to avoid extinction for the longest time in a post-apocalyptic 1970s. Form secret alliances with other players to share resources, but be aware that alliances are easily broken!