Past Games

Your name is Me. You live in Metro City: a black and white, bleak, depressing metropolis. When you first wake up, you look at your phone to see that you have a missed text message from your best friend. It turns out that he’s on the brink of committing suicide and you know right then and there that you need to save him. You hear your heart beating and creating a clear metronome— a mantra telling you to get up and get out of bed. As you match this initial beat, a healthy glow emanates from within you and brings color to the black-and-white world. Along the way to your friend, you will have multiple encounters with the Metros (the citizens of the city). During this time, the game starts to slow down and this is your chance to listen to their stories—their metronomes. Successfully match their rhythms and, like a candle, you will light a fire within them. At this point, they will become aware of your intentions and follow you. At the end of the story, you will find your friend before he jumps off the Metro City Bridge, and — through the efforts of you and the support group of glowing Metros that you have built-up over the course of the game— convince him that his life is still worth living.
Recently surfaced, you are a seed that has just been planted in the floor of a rainforest. Struggling to make ends meet, you collect rain and sunlight to continue growing to your maximum potential. Along the way, you will discover more of your surroundings and similarly learn about the situation surrounding your genesis.