Past Games

A spy text based quest. Choose your transmissions wisely!
WordWave is a tower defense game where you have to defeat words by typing them
Greatest game by top developer Ivan. Help Ivan get to castle!!!! Don't know what to do now? Don't worry! Ivan tell you! Glory to Aristotzka!
A realtime pvp sniping game for mobile. Each player plays a sniper.
Each player picks a corner button => One tap to jump - Double jump to burrow => Change gopher colors by picking gems. The last one to borrow decides which color is the GopherMageddon.
You are a cat and you are in the interrogation room with some bulldogs, try to answer their questions and create an alibi for the crime you may or may not committed :) The more consistent your answers are the better chance you have of winning.
Every heart bit releases an item from the 3 vessels that their valves are open, right into the heart. Three or more items of the same kind that are next ot each other will disappear. Don't let your heart explode from all the bad things you let into your body!
Furtal is the furry mix of Portal + C.O.M.B.A.T (Atari), introducing the portal mechanism into the C.O.M.B.A.T playground.
Play as a janitor trying to sweep the platform on a subway station. People keep passing through and you try to keep the floor clean while using an expanding arsenal of cleaning and order keeping equipment.