Anyssa Ferreira

Past Games

One house. One dream. Four fighters. Just one can be the owner of the property, you'll have to give your blood to be the winner and have a place to call home. The others?
After rebelling against his people, the phoenix disobeying the orders, helped the salamanders. Phoenix was then punished and sent into a maze of darkness.
Pulsar is a highly magnetized, rotating neutron star that emits wave pulses across the space. There are several Pulsars in the Universe, but only one repeater station left. Use the pulse to get
Proclivity is a game about the every day ritual of every person. Every people have your own rituals, but some have rituals...
What do we do now? Our lives are changing constantly, We are always trying to find something that help us to keep going and satisfy us.
You are facing a canvas without any ink to color it.