Past Games

Experimental jam game discovering the duality between playing a computer simulation and playing in physical world. Needs 2 able bodied players. And a space to run in.
I've been dreaming about a mobile home. Specifically with external sound system.
One hopeful day, SETI started to receive artificial signals at all of their stations.
Imagine an infinite stretch of dune mountains.
Play as many players as you'd like. While the screen is not white, one player needs to press "Space Bar" as quickly as possible. If the button is pressed when the screen is white, the
Card game for one to four players where we match up pairs of perspectives (whether visual or textual), on various sorts of things (whether physical or abstract). Game can be played as a “memory” ga
We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are (WAD and arrow keys to move ; after each score you have few seconds to celebrate before the ball resets)