Past Games

A Science Fiction Puzzle Platformer where you play as a average every-day robot who can transfer his consciousness into other robots to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Controls are keyboard:
You play as the Master Hero, and alongside your sidekick. Your goal is to make it to the end of the level while controlling only the Master Hero and keeping your sidekick alive.
Planet doesn't want to get populated with mushrooms. Send earthquake waves to blast them away!
A beach-themed tower defense game wherein the player must fight off ocean waves and monster waves to defend their sandcastle!
You assume the role of a political figure, as you stand before a crowd, you are literally dodging questions in the form of icons to keep the crowd at bay. Politics are hard.
Four aliens battle for control to get their jury-rigged mascot lookalike out of the theme park. Head towards the spaceship looking thing in the background, it'll probably work, right?
A heroic knight slays hoards of monsters in this top down hack and slash, but not everything is what it seems. These monsters seem much more human than originally thought. Is our hero what he seems?