Past Games

A Mad Max-style battle involving mobile homes with turrets!
A competitive two-player battle game where you play as a Roomba. Collect more dust than your opponent to win.
Push your luck 4-player competitive arcade style game. Two versions included: Arcade and HappyFunTime version. (The Switcheroo comes from the fact we basically had a full fork and reintegrate ha
Complete the ritual of morning coffee in the game of choosing both mundane and exotic ingredients to make a perfectly nuanced cup! Aristocrat Controls PC/OS X/Linux W = move up A = move left
The Monk borrows animals' powers to solve his challenges in his long journey. Controls: Arrow keys - Movement, Space bar - Jump, 1 - Mouse, 2 - Fish, 3 - Rabbit, 4 - Cat, 5 - Bear, Esc
Silence on the Line is a survival horror game in which the player must escape a haunted submarine While being hunted by deadly spirits.The player has no means to physically defend itself from these spirits, and can only clearly see them with a flashlight, which dims over time, losing effectiveness. Be sure to use the flashlight in moderation so it can recharge its battery and return to full power. The spirits pursuing the player can only be destroyed through the collection of items personally connected to each one of them. When all items are found, the player must then find the key to the exit (and the exit itself) and escape the nightmarish vessel. Good luck! Controls: Use the WASD keys to move the player Forward, left, backward, and right respectively. To aim, or look around, move the mouse. To examine or pick up items, click it or press the spacebar. To activate your flashlight, press the F key. Headphones are strongly recommended.
You are Ouroboros. You have eaten yourself. Get out of your own tunnel as soon as you can!