Angelus Mew Ellis

Past Games

A custom controller based puzzle game.
Life is hard! so we've made a game about the stress of maintaining a home and a life and have simulated the arbitraryness of it by creating a custom controller to play it with
Side scrolling platform game based on a young Gonorrhea microbes perilous journey through the human body on a quest to find his forever home, the genitals.
Can you navigate the purple bunny though the level full of moving platforms and annoying wasphawks? The wall jumping B̶u̶g̶ feature is very useful to completing this game.
You play a demon that steals newborns and sacrifices them to your dark lord Santa in exchange for nice new things to furnish your demon house.
2D Action shooter with RPG elements. Shoot zombies as you attempt to escape Tartarus, make choices along the way that will affect both the strength of the zombies and the strength of your character.