Angelo Inocencio Barredo

Past Games

Man forfeits dream for money, loses will to live. Will he be able to recognise in time?
Staying at home with just your Mom at the peak of your prime is anything but tragic. Nothing brightens your day up more than a live stream from your favourite waifu, Wi-Fu chan--!
In the midst of Global Apocalypse, you need to run home..... in D-Sonance, you play a runner combat game where the player needs to make his way home from one end of the level to the other before th
How much does it take for a team to reign supreme in an extremely challenging event such as the Global Game Jam 2018? How desperate can you get to be hailed the number one?
Pathern is a puzzle game where you try to clear the board of shapes given one rule at a time. Each level expands in number of shapes and colors.