Andrew Taylor Johnson

Past Games

Harry Grapplenutz the repair-bot has one simple job to do: twist nuts. Grapple about a ramshackle factory turning screws with your telescoping wrench wrist.
Home-icide is a game where you play as a house whose family was evicted by the bank, and you'll do anything to get them back - even murder! GOAL: Defeat the bank's lackies until it comes
Rumble Plugs is a local multiplayer game of electrical transmission. Take on the role of a plug tank and fight for the supreme and all mighty power puck.
Play with 1-4 players in a cooperative sea faring adventure! Press start from the player join screen to start the game. Game can only be played with controllers.
Two teams are racing to find each other in an ancient maze. A leader outside the maze has a map and has to help lead their 2 teammates to each other before the other team can.