Andrew Marques

Past Games

A game to help others get home. Touch the mobile screen and collect astronauts lost in space to get them to their home base while avoiding getting hit by asteroids and other space jams.
All the Dragon Dovar wanted was to rest on his lair. But a howdy bunch of ravers decided to party on his lawn.
We try to approach the theme in a different and abstract way. Buddha says we are our own refuge. And that our mind creates our own reality, so we are our own home, actually. Our only real home.
Home is to be with your family and with your loved ones. Make the creatures find their home, gathering at each level in this puzzle 2d platformer. ◆◆ 「うち」は家族と相手と一緒にいるのことです。
jogo de plataforma, situado num mundo pós apocalíptico, onde devemos sobreviver recolhendo mantimentos no dia após dia num mundo hóstil, onde ele luta apenas para sobreviver quando algo acontece que m
A couple attempts to have a talk using a new but still precarious media called telephone. Help Gerald and Diana giving a meaning to their conversation, so they can be together.
In a world overrun by hellish creatures, a charming little frog must fight to restore the land in this fast-paced 2D mobile brawler. Numa terra devastada por criaturas infernais, um simpático sapin
A game where the protagonist uses soundwaves to find his bearings. In a forest, our bat and his two older siblings are feeding on a fruit tree, until a snake that lives in it attacks them.
In an island before time, a wandering soul must free the elements trapped by ancient beings so humanity can exist. Numa ilha antes do tempo uma alma perdida deve libertar os elementos aprisionados
You're an alchemy apprentice practicing rituals of an ancient book.