Past Games

In a world overrun by hellish creatures, a charming little frog must fight to restore the land in this fast-paced 2D mobile brawler. Numa terra devastada por criaturas infernais, um simpático sapin
Your Heart-Shaped Box girlfriend unadvisedly entered in the keyes' gardens! IN THE KEYES' GARDENS! You NEED to rescue her, before a wandering keye reaches her! Good Luck Mate! PS: You're a box, and the keyes always want to open boxes, because, you know... maybe there's an extra life inside?
A common man, ordinary life, executive officer, during a boring day he receives a call, a terrorist organization just kidnapped his daughter, his little innocent child. Overcome the challenges necessary to rescue the most important thing there is, the most precious treasure kept within his Heart, lastly, but not less important, his only weapon is his HEART BEATS, enter this rush through the rooftops of the city in a race against the time, become the hero to fight for what is dear.
This is a game about Billy, a boy known as the tough guy within his neighbor. Tired from see Billy bullying people and little animals from the surroundings, Mary decides to teach him a lesson for good. Only a few know about this, but this quiet old lady is actually a powerful old voodoo witch that will make use of her magic skills to put Billy into a game that will make him rethink about his own feelings and will make his heart get filled with good feelings.
The true story about the Ouroboros symbol, never before reveled... until now. A 2D platformer game about the quest of a smart snake in ancient Egypt, looking for your true love.
Blackout is a game that explores the dynamics of the absence of graphics, with full evidence for sound aspects. \ With intriguing narrative, the game places the player in the context of the child Alice who, with little time living in their new home, faces a total blackout. \ In such an unfriendly environment, many strange situations will happen, and she will need to face much more than she expected on the way to the light.