Past Games

Side scrolling platform runner. Runaway from your personal trainer and eat as much as you can to get fatty point!
A Puzzle-game about a Dung Beetle and its Poo-Ball.
a Stars-shooter. The game was developed to make clear the idea behind it, but not very well programmed, becausee the idea about this game was thinked 14 hours before the completion schedule and I was the only one programmer
Time Jumper is a 2 dimensional puzzle game: every level has 2 faces - the first set in our days, with our world under an epic alien attack, and the second one, projected 4000 years in the future, where umanity is completely extincted. Using your head and your skills, you have to solve the enviromental puzzles in the present moving you in the catastrophic future, in the shoes of a young guy capable to travel in time.