Past Games

We're making a beat'em'up game where the main objective is to push enemies into traps :>
You're a demon who collects people's eyes in exchange of favors. Protect your customer as it ventures the seven hells searching for someone.
Keep things up and running so your ship doesn't sink.
A game about a grey girl who finds out that her world is also grey. (She is not grey for real, she is color blind.)
The game was supposed to be a story about a coward boy who's just uncapable of overcoming his fears, but has to learn his limits and use it as better as he can to defeat monsters that represent his fear. When you're close to a monster the heart marker goes out, and if it reaches the bottom (screen shaking) your character runs in fear. You can use your lamp to fight off monsters of shadow, your sword to fight living threats and your shield to deflect magic missiles. The character doesn't die. If you're struck, your heart beats fast and your character will run away and hide. The Global Game Jam version is a demo of mechanics, supposebly of a trap maze to sample the mechanics of monsters and map traps. Although... time ran short and I did every single image of the game all by myself from scratch (only counting with the help of my girlfriend to make a couple of animations, helping me find descent songs and sfx, insight on discussing backstory and character lore). the design had to fall uppon a simple sample of movement mechanic (with a feature or another).