Ana Clara Zoppi Serpa

Past Games

Magic and tech don’t mix? Well then, this needs a fix! Through this 2-play-mirror, Past and future come nearer. Solve the challenges one by one, Saving a friend and having fun!
Endlessly upon a time, In a place reached by few ones, You can hear the bell chime Lit by the midnight suns. It’s a space for hope and light Discovered by persons vast. All lost in ways alike,
Steam-Punch is a analogic card game in Portuguese made for 3 people to play. In it, you build your own steampunk inspired mecha and go to battle. May the best robot win!
Welcome to the one and only interdimensional circus, the Enter The Mansion Now circus!
Hermes, normalmente o responsável pelo envio de mensagens entre deuses, está incapacitado. Assim, surge Íris, Rainha do Arco-Íris, para substitui-lo!