Past Games

The Siren Queen requires souls! Control siren minions to lure ships to your Queen. If the ships sink too far away from the Queen, the souls will be lost and the Queen left unsatisfied.
A social satire about birds stealing each other's songs and suing each other over copyright enfeatherment. Birds love to sing, they really love to release their best songs.
Lost and alone, control a parent and a child as they race through 2 different worlds and find their way back to each other.
 While Traveling through deep space you awake from cryogenics. You soon discover you are trapped in your cryogenics tube located in the heart of the ship. To make matters worse you discover that the craft is damaged and Life support has been compromised. You have 15 rounds to break free, and make it to the last Escape Pod. Be warned resources are scarce so you will need to work together but only one of you can make it out of the ship. Aim
 Send your robots out to explore the ship and gather resources and tools so you can escape the heart of the ship, and evacuate on the last escape pod. 3-4 Players 1-1.5 hour game time