Past Games

RIPair is a game about a mechanic who tried to repair a vehicle in under 20 seconds
T10 came back to life in the junkyard, the robot's graveyard, missing some of his core functions. He will have to use spare parts repair himself, with the sources for the parts slowly becoming m
Two Identical twins are entangled in a never ending conflict over who's the rightful owner of the Junkyard.
Use your VR headset to work in the galaxy's third-largest spaceport...
A violent woman is sick of cute stuff (ꐦ ಠ皿ಠ )!!! Go as Eli on a rampage in an endless runner against all that is adorable! Shoot left or right but be wary! They will try to get you!.
A sumo match between popcorn kernels with the aim of getting enough salt and butter to become a full fledged popcorn. Move on a rotating plate chasing after butter and salt.
This is a small game we made with native android SDK. Try to get the treasure - and if you can, collect some rum and coins along the way. Simple and fum!