Past Games

If we can't make you say "What do we do now?" with this game then we have failed.
Made with Unity Engine. A top-down perspective "explore the world - adventure game". The main character is Pedro the Painter, send to a bleach factory to repaint it.
Gravity is your friend but sound is your enemy in this 2.5D platform puzzle game. Use your dexterity to move a cube across the level to the finish point dodging hazardous areas. Each level is timed and the heartbeat adjusts according to the time remaining.
the start menu for snack attack
You play as Jimmy, a guy who, after taking a bit too much E, is convinced that he is the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jimmy hears God’s voice only through sinks found in the world, and they tell him to ‘scold people for their sins and turn them to the one true path!’ Your goal, then, is to convince people to join Jimmy’s cult. Be wary though – you can only convert people if you are high. As time goes by your high will fade, and if you come out of your trip, it’s game over - you’ll realise that you aren’t actually a messiah but just a guy covered in a bed-sheet shouting at people. So remember – you gotta stay high to do the Lord’s work!