Past Games

Help Nyarchan repair the seal that will wake up his buddy Cutethulhu via Twitch chat! Match 3 or more runes and wait for the stars to align.
Escolha quais imagens e frases (em áudio) te lembram mais ou te fazem sentir em casa.
The dogs are up for some cooking in this weird last weekend of January. What could they possibly be aiming for? Who knows...
A child plays on the park, but his mind is away on his fantasy world. His father follows him to protect him, warning him about the real-world obstacles, absent from the child's mind.
Português: Bennu é uma fênix que caiu na Terra e está buscando uma forma de retornar a sua jornada. \ / / / English: Bennu is a phoenix that fell to Earth and is searching for a way to get back to his journey.