Past Games

Casual web video game (maybe for mobile later) where you must help a little monkey escape from the war mounted on a tank without ammunition, you will have to destroy all obstacles and repair the tank
Help this demon for escape to hell.
:::Spanish::: Lithium (Nombre clave) Es un loco juego sobre un esquizofrenico fugitivo, que trata de alejarse del manicomio en el que estaba recluido. El personaje siempre debe estar medicado con Lithium, para que sus alucinaciones no le provoquen un infarto, pero al estar corriendo el efecto del medicamento baja y sus latidos suben, provocandole que su mundo se convierta en un infierno y termine muerto por un infarto. :::English::: Lithium (key name) It's a crazy game about a schizophrenic fugitive, trying to get away from the asylum in which he was held. The character must always be medicated with Lithium, that his hallucinations will not cause a heart attack, but while running for the medicine down and beat up, causing his world into a hell and ends up dead from a heart attack.