Alliel Kyran

Past Games

In this game, you will be asked to build a fictional relationship with another person, based on some chance elements and your input.
An audio-only non-game experiment in empathy.
Our game takes place on Mount Olympus after the goddess Selene has fallen in love with the shepherd prince Endymion who was placed in a deep sleep to maintain his immortality. In order to save him from this sleep, Selene must answer questions where each one will change her path. This game will always change depending on the answers given. Will you save Endymion or will he be doomed to be in a deep slumber forever? -- Game instructions Just launch the exe file and play! This game is compatible with a 360 Controller, WASD, and Arrow keys. Press SPACEBAR or O on the controller in every room to see the question text. Enter or X on the controller will scroll the text R or Select will restart the game "Start" on the controller allows you to start the game from the main menu, or just click start game.