Past Games

a sandbox game about morality
"A mysterious and complex murder has taken place during a birthday party!
Coins Doors Enemies is a game in which the levels adept to the way you love to game most.
The game is about a hungry critter known as Gijs. Gijs lives in a world consisting of large, hollow rooms, which are inhabited by other critters. Ever since Gijs was born into this weird world full of colors and critters, he's dreamed of becoming the biggest critter of them all! Good thing he has an appetite to match that big dream. Bounce and roll your way through 5 different rooms, some the same yet slightly different, and eat as much as you can! You can use the same tunnels as the native critters to instantly travel between the rooms, untill you become the biggest critter in the world.
What Really Happened tells you the true story of the extinction of the greatest species planet earth ever knew: the T-rex. \ Awesome 4-player fun!