Past Games

The ultimate competition between dogs and cats. Your family is out and you're trying to conquer the living room with your team (dogs or cats). Will you be able to prove you're man'
Save the forest from the evil spirits, be like water in this action platformer.
Baaelzebub has come and he's not happy, appease your hellish overlord and sacrifice the souls of luckless farm hands.
It is a 2d puzzle sidescroller game that you need to know what to do without tips. Can`t tell more. Play it!
Interactive tablet boardgame
Game de desenvolvimento pessoal
Blindness is a procedural generated blind maze game. The player will have to explore random generated paths while avoiding dangers, using only his ears to guide him through the path.
Mono is a creature that can only see things that are the same color as him. However, he has the power to change its own color and see things never seen before.
You will need to choose one of the doors to guess the silhouette that appears through the glass corresponds to a monster or a simple object. You have three lives and lose one each time you miss.
Gump: the Dragonrunner is a 2D side-scrolling action game. You play the role of Gump, a cat thief who's just stolen Ouroboros' great treasure and must now escape his wrath; except the whole world exists in its back.