Alex Macdiarmid

Past Games

Local multiplayer arduino custom controller game Communication is key to winning the game One player sees the ScotFail map, while the other one controls the track junctions. Player 1 must receive i
A Game about mashing you're way to be born the the greatest race of your life. 2 player fast paced button mashing race.
UH OH! A bio-organic weapon has escaped, stop it before it escapes the research and infect the world.
A wack a mole style game that allows 8 players to play with the use of 4 controllers. Each 2 players on 1 controller must work together to collect scissors to cut Brian MacDonald's beard.
Twitch Plays Cthulu is a game made on UE4 to be played on twitch. Through twitch, players input buttons to do a summoning ritual to fight monsters against monsters. controls, q, w, e, r, t, used to
Players are based within a generic office room. Commands appear on the players in-game computer screen until the screen crashes. What will we do now?