Alan Monaghan

Past Games

2D fighting game with teleportation (instant transmission) being the main mode of movement.
CWvAVBTDSoTG:TC;C2 is a turn-based tactics game where the player controls a squad of soldiers, issuing each several commands per turn (via typing) which are carried out once all orders are input.
Top Rider surfs the harmonic waves of destiny across the grand cosmic gig of ages!
Puzzle game where you move the pearls to their shells.
You are 2 spies, one field agent in VR, one hackerman hacking via the web. Save the world from the commie's by solving 2 players puzzles and killing the bad guys before they launch the nukes.
Exploring the paradigms of friendship and betrayal, you take on the role of an innocent software engineer – mercilessly betrayed, by one you once called a friend... Extra Diversifiers: I see wha