Past Games

A coop escape room game where you save your partner from the dark side.
The little baby Grim lost his only captured soul in the dark world . the player should find that naughty soul and take it back to the heaven before it becomes dark as well.
A top down puzzle game where you "REPAIR" tiles. The game start with a worker destoying the tiles and you need to figure out how to help him.
getting back the feelings of your comfy old home through mini puzzles in the game
A fast-paced puzzle platformer. CONTROLS: A, D (or Left and Right arrows) - for moving left and right W, Up Arrow or Space - for jumping S or Down Arrow - for smashing to the ground HOW TO PL
Save ducky duck and help her survive through the waterfall
2d side scroll platformer
A lone in an Islan a Witch is trying the darkest Vodo black magic to prepare the magic recipe to summon the souls of the ancients :) 2D mobile game
This game is about group fighting enemies and monsters then suddenly one of them will be the enemy itself