Past Games

Sometimes you leave home to have adventures, but you also get homesick.
Game about Cold War, spies and espionage. Make your two agents meet inside hostile territory before opponent.
The queen royally waves her way through perilous challenges. There are 2 ways to royally wave: firstly you may launch flaming corgis at your enemies, secondly you can float through the air, carried b
Guide the fishlings to safety of their mother but beware of the dangerous journey!
Point and click art / adventure game.
Black Heart is sad game about robot who's programmed to do evil The game is in html5 and is playable at: http://akseli.virtuaalipalvelin.net/blackheart/ (Works best in Chrome or Firefox)
Line of Life \ \ Every life is different, but also the same. \ Walk along the line of life from a toddler to an elder. \ What is the meaning of life, what happens when we die?