Past Games

Repair your spaceship and defend yourselves against cats.
You are an angel collecting hearts in order to survive the apocalypse.
Supposedly, psychological studies state that we see the world as a better place when we smile. What's even more interesting, is that it works even when we don't feel like smiling and force
A game about hearts, blinking lights, speed, aliens and violence. Shoot aliens by clicking/touching them and jump on the white lights to avoid alien lasers and being thrown out of the screen. Scroll down to the game website to find the fixed version as well as Android, Linux and Mac binaries.
You are a ninja! There is a mountain! And lava! Be quick, or be dead... unless you copy yourself, then you have a backup life.
The return of the revenge of the living dead... to Cracow
Crazy monkey from space drives nations to extinction by taking over their bodies and putting them against each other. 2D graphics, pixel-art