Ahmed Mustafa Ahmed

Past Games

It's a game about letting the player face some situations and figure out how to deal with them using the items provided to him
An Augmented Reality based game where you will have to search for items scattered all around a room using your hand held device.
The game is about a man who enjoys torturing himself and when his heart is full of pain, he switches his heart with others which kills them since no one can bear this pain. To play the game there are 4 usable objects: 1. Gun. 2. Hammer. 3. Saw. 4. Nail Select any of the objects and try to hit his body with it using the accelerometer if u succeed his heart will be filled. After it's full select his wife and switch his heart with hers. Don't forget to keep this from your wife :D.
An ugly woman who failed to get married, so she decides to hunt for potential grooms from local weddings and put them in a cage to force one of them to marry him.