Past Games

Developed for the Scorpion 8++ console, Alpha Duck was a masterpiece created by visionary videographer and quintessential being Erik 'The Dreamweaver' Hogan. Before a sequel to the preemi
Geard MacChucklin has been crushed by his arch nemesis in the most important rap battle of his life. He reacts in the only way he knows how; by tearing out his own heart, handing it to his son Balclutha, and telling him to finish what he could not... lay down rhymes of sufficient sickness to end a rap-feud older than time itself. Speak the last word of every diss to win the rap battle! Requires a microphone and some kind of Windows speech recognition.
Insult the computer as it insults you (Requires Microphone)
With a focus on post-Freudian theory, Cakuseus envelops the player in a surrealistic allegory of the human condition. Riddled with metaphor and saturated with references to the desire to deceive, the game's spatial moments force the player to confront their own quasi-narcissistic tendencies to overcome obstacles. Operating within the point and click adventure game genre, Cakuseus is a delightful romp of kitsch and existentialism.