Past Games

Explore the relationship between a man and a stray dog who cross paths. Awkwardly the executable doesn't boot the level currently. We'll upload a working version when we can! We set out to create a short game which examines the relationship between two players (one a man, and the other a stray dog) across a handful of situations in life. We managed to create the assets but didn't have enough time left to implement all the scenes. We're really excited by the concept though, and hope to release a more complete version sometime soon.
Using the PSMove Controllers, 6 players join in and race by vigorously shaking their controllers up & down. With plenty of innuendo, reach the end before your opponents but be careful, if you push too hard, you'll suffer a heart attack! Guaranteed to get your hearts racing! Use the supplied pairing program to pair 6 PSMove controllers with a Mac. After the countdown, shake up & down! Back-trigger applies adrenaline! Staying too long at maximum heart rate (220) will decrease your health and cause a heart attack.
Escape from an ancient and estranged temple tomb by using three existences of yourself to solve mind-melding puzzles and reach the exit before you run out of time and are frozen forever!
The world of games is coming to an end; the resolution of all game genres and their worlds is starting to fail and die! You and a lone hero must journey on a mission of discovery to find out the cause of the threat and save video games from extinction!