Agustina Santoni

Past Games

Se trata de un mini metroidvania dentro del cual encarnarás a la mascota de un antivirus durante el proceso de escaneo y arreglo de virus y errores que pueda tener el interior de una computadora.
A platform fighting (player vs player) PC game in which you must send stone blocks to the enemy side (to gain battery and to kill him) by calling out storks with your transmitter (wasting its battery)
A Giant Robot is dancing to achieve world peace! Somehow!
It's a single player game based on the arcade genre with music, graphics and art inspired in the new retro wave style.
Controls: -Enter to start game -Arrow keys to move -X to jump -Z to meow -R to Restart You take the role of Big Paws, a cat that got heavily experimented on by a military agency, became senti