Past Games

OVERVIEW: Starflocks 64 is an 8 player game focusing on cooperating together as a school of fish. Swimming in groups gives a speed boost making it easier to find food while avoiding predators.
You have just walloped the first floor boss and you walk onto the second floor. Your next opponent is….Player 2!!! You can beat the enemy but can you beat the replays?
A digital sports game where teams of two compete to score 5 points. The catch is each team uses only one controller, one side per teammate. When players on the same team sync their trigger pulls, their player characters release a powerful pulse that can propel the ball in a direction of their choosing. Pulsing when not in sync produces a weaker and slower pulse that can be helpful for defense. Each team is trying to shoot the ball into their colored goal area. Up to 8 players (2 per controller). Our interpretation of the theme was of a rhythmic pattern. We wanted players to be mechanically inclined to produce a rhythmic beat in order to do better in the game.
Two players on one Xbox 360 controller. One player plays as the bullet hell boss, trying to eliminate the other player with projectiles. The other other player tries to maneuver around all of the bullets and reach the boss. Players can only gain points when eliminating the other player as the bullet hell boss. Players switch roles when the maneuvering player reaches the bullet hell boss.
Classic Shoot'em up with a twist. Enemies that you kill become your allies and allies that die become your enemy. Win by converting an entire enemy wave into your allies. Waves become progressively harder.
Age Game is about life in general and its extinction of the outside world as a person dies.