Past Games

Jogo onde o player deve assumir o controle da mente dos participantes do experimento Projeto X. Controles: - Menu: mouse e clique do mouse para selecionar as opções. - Fase: mouse e clique do mou
A quick game inspired on the games created on oscilloscopes, at the dawn of video games... wavelengths and so on. You control a small particle (blue one) along wave lanes.
An old village has a tradition, early on the year, at the end of the very first month of the year, they gather to throw tomatoes on each other, in order to expel the demons from within and set the ene
Multiplayer. We are two astronauts who needs to survive in outer space where many meteors are coming. In 5 minutes the space shuttle arrives to save us.
Tales tell that all life started on top of a giant turtle’s shell, this ancient and apparently magical world is, to this day, called, GAIA REALM Such place is controlled and balanced by a single my
God observes that the earth is corrupted with violence and decides to destroy all life. But Noah "was a righteous man, blameless in his generation, [and] Noah walked with God," and God gives him instructions for the ark, into which he is told to bring "two of every sort [of animal]...male and female ... everything on the dry land in whose nostrils was the breath of life," and their food. (Genesis 6 and 7).