Adhi Darmawan Sutjiadi

Past Games

This game is about a girl that stranded in time because her space-time ship is broken because an accident in the way home. Now she need to search for parts across the different timeline she had acros
In the world of magic, house shaped dungeon was spawned! The magic academies tasked to research and give a solution to this problem. Unfortunately many years and decade have gone by, still, no fur
Miss Meli works for a JPX, a disaster relief organization that delivers the much-needed relief to many disaster-struck areas.
Endure your plight to survive the night for seeing the tomorrow sun.
An abbreviation of "Mini Collection," but is also the name of the characters involved: Miko and Niko.
The mirror of life represents the world where one faces their own selves; a world where they always find themselves in the wrongs.