Past Games

Traverse the mean streets of a randomly generated city, begging for money, scavenging food and braving the cold to stay alive.
O2 is a survival game where you must hold out against the clock and work between keeping yourself and your crewmates alive by distributing oxygen around a crater where your ship has crash landed. Who will you save?
An exciting stealth action game. Originally designed to be a 4 player multiplayer game we had to settle for just single player. You are dropped in a very dark garden with 3 opponents and the Guardian. You must use stealth and cunning to locate your opponents and throw them into the path of the Guardian. The last man standing wins. Pick up rocks around the garden and throw them to either lure the Guardian or throw them at opponents to reveal them to the guardian! As if that wasn't enough you must keep your heart rate to a minimum to avoid revealing your position to every one. Run only in the most dire of emergencies. Good luck... look after your elf!
Pronounced debris, debris is a 2.5D shooter where wave upon wave of enemies are throw at you. Beware the debris around you however as the larger ships feed on it and get larger and deadlier but the score reward for killing them gets bigger and bigger.