Past Games

"Need a new crabitat in a pinch? Don't shell out, scuttle down to Crustate Agents!
A new coffee shop has opened up, bringing those modern wi-fis and hip, funky beats. Unfortunately that completely disrupted the local bee's own signals, forcing them to move somewhere quieter.
Welcome to the happy world of Gary SpringArms.
W.A.V.E robots are sent out to explore strange new lands, far from home. When they arrive, they connect via virtual reality to a human helper. You are that human!
In a galaxy tired of space war, disputes are settled by having the worst space pilots in the worst spaceships dog fight in a floating space Colosseum, in space! Requires a minimum of 2 players.
Ever thought what it would be like to play classic Frogger in full 3d with an oculus rift... now you can. Avoid traffic and other hidden surprises trying to reach your goal.