Past Games

The world has mere minutes left. The sun is slowly approaching, but there's still time to make some profit.
Are you with us? Was a game discovered in the crawl space under the crawl space right under the local goodwill.
You play as a human who intercepts transmissions from various alien races. Your objective is to rearrange them and add insults or compliments in order to instigate a war or mediate peace.
This first person multiplayer only "graveyard simulator" takes you through an experience given only to a group of two people. The game consists of "The Buried One"(player 1) and "The Gravedigger" (player 2) . Player 1 is a character who was buried alive in a casket. The character specifically depends on the listening aspect of the spectrum as well as maintaining a tedious and deadly oxygen meter. Realistically, you would only have a certain amount of oxygen in an environment such as a coffin, therefore you must use your time wisely and be as precise as you can with the oxygen meter. Player 1 contains a heartbeat in which Player 2 will be able to hear when given close enough proximity to the correct grave. Keep in mind, not only does player 1 have to be as accurate as possible to prevent harming themselves while conserving oxygen as well, they also must have to face another dilemma as the second player approaches and comes closer to the right grave. The heartbeat monitor speed increases. The gravedigger can hear a heartbeat as they get closer to the grave as well. The further away you are, the fainter the beat. The closer, the louder; plain as that. How many times have you really gotten to play Marco polo with your heartbeat in a graveyard? Well, now you can.