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Past Games

It's a crazy board game where, like monopoly, you win by fatiguing out the other players who land on spaces you own, only you can move in multiple directions and instead of buying spaces with mon
Mediocre Mountain is the worlds most-okay survival game.
In this game, the player will try to navigate a puzzle/platforming environment that shifts from day to night.
Dr. Hart is a combination rogue-like / turn-based RPG. Players control a medical doctor panda. The player is tasked with saving 4 patients by fighting their disease. After victory, players are given a moral decision. Let them live, and you gain money, experience and prestige. Let them die and eat their heart, and you have a chance to gain an ability based on the patient-disease combo.
Our game is a puzzler based on gravity. Each of the five levels introduces a new block, which must be mastered in order to complete the level.