Past Games

Here you'll need to make a house like the costumer order to you, use your memory to not forguet how the costumer house's look like and create a beautiful one.
Help opera singer using her voice to escape from the ghosts haunting the opera house and to find the stage for her great presentation! Ghosts can be defeated using the exact same number of sound
A multiplayer game about two superstitious runners. Use the arrow keys to control Player 1 Use WASD keys to control Player 2. See game instructions for more details.
Beat'em up, with multiple paths and this is your story: Leon 'n Katy are running for a good pizza, but the local pizza store was closed,and they said: what do we do now? mean while at
Gecko is a small dragon that was invoked by a magician at the present time and given the task of searching for arcane symbols and gold, however, dragons are not welcomed in the city...
2012 is comming and the Maias were right. But no one knew that the apocalypse was comming from the skies. Aliens from the Vodol planet are demolishing entire cities. People in panic are praying for salvation, but you don't have mercy! You control an alien ship. GO GO GO, Aliens!