Åge Markus Schultz

Past Games

The town chef got flung out of town by a hurricane, now it's up to you to cook food for all your friends! Use mouse to play, M to mute audio, R to restart.
we destroyed everything with bombs, now we have to repair everything with bombs. -click to drop bombs -use left/right arrows or A/D to move your plane -press R to Restart -press Esc to Escape
Find your way home(???) on the screen of your own computer. Oh, and there's treasure.
An ARG game about the 10 year journey of GGJ. We have received an alien transmission during Global Game Jam.
You're an unprofessional translator, and your job is to translate the buttons you see into other buttons.
Trance Mission! Deep into your mind, You're missing- Out on a fun time! ---- A rhythm puzzle game with trippy visuals!
Blast through space (literally) by propelling yourself with shock waves around your ship. You score points using the shock waves to blast asteroids together.
Just another day at work after all the humans went away. Pick up your briefcase, put on your hat, and go to work.