Álvaro Carvalho

Past Games

This is just a mechanic demo. One character is controlled with wasd and the other, with the arrows. Up is to jump and down, changes their polarity
Simple software implementation of a popular joke using the Piet esoteric programming language.
Repair a city before Tokusatsu Dai-Kaiju Battle finish.
Dorothy has just been taken by an interdimensional tornado. "Auntie Em! Auntie Em!", she screams, but it's too late. But what about Auntie Em? Well, gosh darn it, she's trying!
The tower of Babel was a product of our mutual and perfect communication, our shared language, built to reach the heavens, until God brought it down to make some sort of point.
Lots of waves of these little critters! Caution to not let the wave carry you out! Jump over them or get down/up the floor under their feet!
Um estudante brasileiro desbrava novos horizontes e vai estudar no exterior.
[PT-BR] Viva sua própria experiência ritual neste game, Jogue e Repita! [ENG] Live your very own ritual experience in this game, Play and Repeat! ←↑→ [Enter]
Using a potentiometer in Arduino you can chase the signal to listen Hamlet, but caution to not lost the signal! That's that you'll do every day in post apocalyptic world to know about other
I's a 'labirint' game of textual interpretation and pacience tester, I don't recomend choosing "Let the world burn" option, it will be a Slow Death
The game tells the story of two beings, Paqis and Jul representing Yin and Yang. Their relationship of brotherhood weakens and infuriates the villain, Chal representing the void.