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Global Game Jam, Inc.®

Over 930 locations worldwide. HQ in San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

Founding date

July 2008


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Hashtag: #GGJ24


The Global Game Jam® (GGJ®) is the world's largest game creation event taking place in physical locations across the globe. Think of it as a 48 hour hackathon focused on game development around a theme.

GGJ’s mission is to stimulate innovation, experimentation, and collaboration in games. The annual event begins on a Friday afternoon in January and kicks off with video keynotes and advice from leaders in the game development industry. The jam formally begins after an announcement of the year’s theme, kept secret until the last second, and not revealed publicly until 17:00 at our last time zone to start: Hawaii!

The GGJ encourages collaboration and its events are not a competition. Anyone can apply to host a jam site as long as they have a dedicated jam organiser who agrees to follow a few GGJ rules, and a venue with internet access.

The primary GGJ event in January is fully run by volunteers, with the exception of two paid GGJ staff members - the Executive Director and Executive Producer. The event is renown for fostering friendships while increasing confidence and opportunities within participating communities. Each GGJ event poses an intellectual challenge where people are invited to try new technology and tools while exploring new roles and skills.


Global Game Jam, Inc.® was founded in July 2008 as a project of the International Game Developers Association’s Game Education Special Interest Group. It has since grown into its own, becoming a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in May 2012.

Founding members of Global Game Jam, Inc. (2013) were: Zuraida Buter, Dustin Clingman, Elonka Dunin, Susan Gold, Foaad Khosmood, Gorm Lai, Ian Schreiber.

The first Global Game Jam® was held in January, 2009 with 1,600 people jamming in 23 countries. In 2020, the event has grown to 934 sites in 118 countries with over 48,000 jammers who collectively made over 9,600 games!

Jam Statistics!

Listing of site numbers per country, per year

Year Dates Sites Countries Jammers Games Theme
2023 23-29 Jan 800 108 40,000 7,600 "Roots"
2022 20-30 Jan 680 100 33,000 5,860 "Duality"
2021 27-31 Jan 585 104 28,825 6,383 "Lost and Found" (Virtual GGJ during COVID-19 pandemic)
2020 31 Jan - 02 Feb 934 118 48,753 9,601 "Repair"
2019 25-27 Jan 860 113 47,006 9,010 "What home means to you"
2018 26-28 Jan 803 108 42,800 8,606 "Transmission"
2017 20-22 Jan 701 95 36,401 7,263 "Waves"
2016 29-31 Jan 632 93 36,164 6,866 "Ritual"
2015 23-25 Jan 518 78 28,800 5,438 "What do we do now"
2014 24-26 Jan 488 72 23,189 4,292 "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are"
2013 25-27 Jan 319 63 16,705 3,248 The sound of a heartbeat
2012 25-27 Jan 319 63 16,705 3,248 An image of Ouroboros
2011 28-30 Jan 169 44 6,500 900 "Extinction"
2010 29-31 Jan 138 39 4,300 900 Deception
2009 30 Jan - 01 Feb 53 23 1,650 370 "As long as we have each other, we will never run out of problems"

Notable Global Game Jam® Games

Other noteworthy games

Steam list of GGJ games


What is a Game Jam?
GGJ23 Keynote
GGJ23 Teaser Trailer
GGJ23 Highlight Video

To see more GGJ videos, check out our YouTube channel.


Download all images as a .zip fies (3.2 MB)

La Casa de Pizza" - Global Game Jam Curitiba

Brainstorming session in Furtwangen, Germany

Bread for breakfast, GGJ Delhi NCR, India

Group photo from Ourinhos, Brazil

Group shot from São Luís, Brazil

Jammers at Davao, Philippines

Nap time but the clock is ticking! In Rio Grande, Argentina

Selfie! At Curitiba - Brazil

jammers at Kastoria, Greece

Jammers taking a break in Napal

selfie! Erbil, Iraq


Brand Guidelines

See this link for GGJ brand guidelines. Please adhere to this guide when using the GGJ branding and logo on your websites and posters.

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Awards & Recognition

IGDA - 2018 - Decade of Achievement Award

Indiecade - 2017 - Decade of Positive Social Impact Award


Selected Articles

Global Game Jam® Leadership

Board (as of 1 April 2023) Staff
Sabrina Culyba (President) Maria Burns Ortiz
Executive Director
Kate Edwards (Treasurer) Zain Ul Hassan 
Director of Technology

Felix Hilgert (Secretary)

Tarja Porkka-Kontturi
Director of Community Engagement

Jarory de Jesus (Vice President)

Jo Summers
Rilwon Jaiyeola
Dr. JC Lau
Ariella Lehrer
Nourhan ElSherief
Johana Riquier
Margaret Wallace

List of core staff & volunteers for 2023

Historical jam listings